Get Involved

Observe Nature as a Citizen Scientist

Discover nature in your local park, school ground, nature trail and in your backyard.

As an observer, you will watch bees and butterflies, trees and flowering cycles, birds, frogs and rich biodiversity in our environment.
It will deepen your connection with the natural world.

Field Guides

Winner in the ‘Good for India’ category for ‘Outstanding Contribution in Digital Innovation

You can download the free mobile applications – Tree Watch, Bird Find, Bees and Butterflies, Pollinators and Spider Watch as digital field guides.

These will help you observe nature. You can use them as an experiential learning tool in your journey as a Citizen Scientist. You can make your nature notebook and record phenology observations and contribute to scientific studies.

Be a Citizen Scientist

Observe seasons and any changes in the
environment in your vicinity as a
citizen scientist through:

  • Recording observations about nature, including many aspects of the environment around you.
  • Share your nature-related observations with your fellow students, teachers, and scientists and enrich knowledge bases in this process.
  • Strengthen your keenness to observe, and to practice scientific temper.

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Please contact us for more information about the digital field guides and programme flyers and booklets.

Ravinder Singh Khati

Creative Designer and Concept Development Team

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