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Experiential learning

Trees contribute to the well-being of society. Trees improve air quality and absorb airborne pollutants. They help in micro-climate regulation, erosion reduction and maintaining groundwater levels.

Your observation of trees can help you to notice any changes in the flowering cycle and seasons. The mobile application ‘Tree Watch’ is developed with the expertise of Dr. Swapna Prabhu. It is a Citizen Science initiative to facilitate easy identification of trees in the field.

Citizen science projects

Spiders are ubiquitous eight-legged arachnids found all around, yet not much is known about them. This app showcases 50 common species of spiders found in our homes, gardens, and forests, to understand their intrinsic value to the natural ecosystem. This app is for anyone who wants to be initiated in knowing the world of spiders. The Mobile Application ‘Spider Watch’ is developed with the expertise of Aniruddha Dhamorikar. It is hoped that the mobile app will help increase awareness and understanding of spiders.

Sustainability programmes for executives

Frogs serve as nature’s monsoon messengers. The Orchestra of frogs indicates the onset of monsoon. Frog Find is an interactive app on the Frogs and Toads of Western Ghats. It is an extension to the book “Frogs and Toads of Western Ghats” by Dr. Gururaja KV.

‘Mapping Monsoon Messengers’ was developed as a citizen science initiative, led by Dr. Gururaja K V, to assess changes in diversity and distribution of amphibians due to changes in climatic factors such as temperature and rainfall.