Conservation of Water Bodies and Green Spaces in Cities

Blue Spaces (lakes, water bodies) and Green Spaces (forests, parks) have a significant contribution to the ecological balance of a city. Water bodies provide drinking water, recharge groundwater aquifers, control urban flooding, support biodiversity and aquatic floral vegetation that maintain the microenvironment necessary for the health and well-being. Green Spaces provide much-needed oxygen and fix carbon dioxide and thus rescue a city from becoming an urban heat island. They help in micro-climate regulation, erosion reduction and maintaining groundwater levels.

Conservation and Educational Programmes at
Bengaluru | Delhi NCR | Mumbai | Hyderabad | Kolkata

To ensure that people regularly connect with their surrounding natural habitat and help in its conservation and restoration, we developed programmes in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Kolkata to encourage people to participate in scientific research and educational initiatives as citizen scientists. They work with scientists and conservation professionals and assist in mapping biodiversity and natural vegetation and also monitor water quality, scientifically in a structured and systematic manner. An increase in understanding and appreciation of water bodies and green spaces by residents will increase the care and maintenance of these natural habitats in cities, resulting in a healthier environment.