Educational and Experiential Learning Programmes
Employees & Stakeholders I Students & Teachers I Self-Help Groups

We offer educational and experiential learning programmes, grounded in scientific research. As a citizen scientist, you can work with scientists and researchers, and participate in the facilitated learning sessions designed by subject experts and specialist learning facilitators, to increase your understanding of environment and sustainability issues.

Experiential learning programmes enable participants to explore their own as well as others’ values and beliefs in connection with the natural world.
It encourages participants to crystalize their vision for environmental sustainability. The Head, Heart and Hands approach creates a transformational learning experience by enabling you to step out of your usual surroundings and onto a learning journey that will impact your heart and mind and turn your ideas into actions. These educational and learning programmes foster innovative thinking among the participants on their role in providing solutions to sustainability challenges.

Engaging employees and stakeholders in educational and experiential learning programmes

As a science-based conservation institution, we help corporations and businesses in developing experiential learning programmes for their employees and stakeholders on environmental sustainability, grounded in scientific research. Here is a brief overview of some of these initiatives:

Climate Leadership and Climate Action Programme I Sustainability Programme | Fresh Water Watch I Sustainable Cities I Healthy Air I Weather Watch I Sustainable Waste Management and Reduce Plastic Pollution | Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming

Citizen science and educational programmes
for students and teachers

As an environment education institution, we have developed transformational learning programmes in diversified areas. Here is a brief overview of some of the citizen science and experiential learning programmes for students and teachers:

Teach Earth I WASH Education - Water, Sanitation & Hygiene I
Urban Forests in My City I Project Healthy Air I Eco-Weather Watch I Ignite I Bees and Butterflies in My Garden I Mapping the Monsoon Messengers I Bird Find

Skill development and training programmes for
self-help groups

As an institution that supports science-based conservation initiatives and community programmes, we promote training and skill development initiatives for self-help groups in the following areas:

Sustainable Agriculture, Soil Health & Organic Farming I Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Technology Solutions I Beekeeping I Climate Action I Afforestation I Water Conservation I Sanitation & Hygiene I
Skill Development for Enhancing Livelihood and Social Entrepreneurship and to promote Environment Conservation