Our scientific research focus is on applied research that aligns with national priorities in our country. We work on following thematic areas

Freshwater Ecosystem and Wetlands

Freshwater Ecosystems include ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, springs and wetlands etc. Our research focus is on measuring water quality and its impact on eco-systems, biodiversity and human beings.

Sustainable Agriculture and Pollination Research

Biodiversity and Agriculture are interdependent. Our research focus is on Pollination and Agro-ecosystems, Biodiversity and Bee flora, Water provisioning and other ecosystem services.

Sustainable Forestry Research

Forests offer habitats for plants, animals and microorganisms. They are important for biodiversity, biomass supply, watersheds and livelihoods. Our research focus is on sustainable forest management and soil research, and promoting energy efficient technology solutions for forests and biodiversity conservation.

Ecosystem Services Research

Natural ecosystems provide valuable goods and services such as freshwater, food, timber, fibre, medicines etc. Our research focus is on understanding multi-functional landscapes that provide services and support biodiversity.

Marine and Coasts

Marine and Coastal environments contain diverse habitats that support marine life. Our focus is on training and capacity building programmes for conservation and sustainable management of coastal and marine biodiversity.

Sustainable Energy Solutions and Climate Action

Our focus is on bio-resources based, low carbon and renewable energy technologies. Our applied research programmes, near our project sites, are on forestry and climate change, fuel efficient devices, agro-processing driers, appropriate and improved sanitation technologies, low carbon building material and technology, water purification and safe drinking water. Through our skill development programmes, youth are trained on sustainable technologies for conservation of energy, biodiversity resources and livelihood sustenance.

Conservation of Water Bodies and Green Spaces in Cities

Lakes, water bodies, forests, parks and green spaces have significant contribution in ecosystem services and ecological balance of a city. Our Urban Blue spaces (lakes, water bodies) and Green spaces (forests, parks) project is scientific research and educational project to connect people with their surrounding natural habitat and help in its conservation and restoration.