Thematic Areas

  • Weather and Climate
  • Agriculture Meteorology
  • Hydro Meteorology

It is a collaborative initiative of Indian Meteorological Society and Earthwatch Institute India to engage people in science based and experiential learning programmes in regard to weather and meteorology, application of meteorological science in pollution monitoring, climate and weather forecasts, agriculture and conservation of biodiversity and natural resources. Experiential learning programmes on weather watch and metrology science provide field based and hands-on experience, measuring and recoding weather related data. At the core of the programme is an empowering experience of being part of a team with weather and meteorology scientists. The Indian Meteorological Society with New Delhi as head quarter has more than 3300 life members at different chapters located at about 29 different locations in most of the States Capitals. Eco Weather Watch initiative will be organised at Bengaluru, Delhi – NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.